Process of Candle Making at Home

Process of Candle Making at Home

Process of Candle Making at Home
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Steps of Process of Candle Making at Home :-
Keep all the required material at one place and then follow the candle making at home step by step.

1) Fill the water in the outer shell of the double boiler and wax in the inner shell and start heating.(FIG - 'A'). If you don't have the double boiler, don't worry. To start for few candles of small size (100-150 gm) you may melt the wax in a pan.

2) When the wax is completely melted add 1 tea spoon of stearine per 100 gm of wax.

3) Add very small amount of color dye. To check the color of wax, take few drops of wax in a spoon and drop it in a mug filled with water.
Please note the color of candles will be darker than the color of small sample

4) Apply silicon spray on the mould surface. This is a very important step of candle making process. If not applied properly the wax will stick to mould.

5) Secure the wick at the bottom of the candle mould with the help of screw or glue. Fix the upper side of wick with the help of a stick.(FIG-'B')

6) Pour the melted wax in the mould.(FIG-'C')

7) Wait for some time and you will see that the wax has gone down making a gap/space at the top of mould. Fill this with additional wax.

8) Place the filled candle mould in a pot filled with water. Make sure that the water does not sweep in. wait for 30 minutes
You may leave the mould in the air also, but it will take 60-90 minutes to solidify.

9) Take the mould out from water after 30-40 minutes and pull the candle from the mould
You may pull with the help of wick also(FIG-'D'). If your candle is not in circular shape (as shown in the FIG-F), then remove the portions of the mould carefully with the help of a knife.

10) With the help of a knife remove the extra wax on the margins of candles.

process of candle making at home

process of candle making at home

Since Nov 2018 -

11) Well done - You have made your 1st Candle successfully.(FIG-'E') SHOW IT PROUDLY TO ALL
if you fing any problem in following the candle making process then write to us

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