City Palace Udaipur

City Palace Udaipur City Palace is Standing on the east bank of Lake Pichola is a massive series of palaces built at different times. Its main entrance is through the triple-arched gate - the Tripolia. The way now leads to a series of courtyards, overlapping parations, terraces, corridors and gardens. There are numerous other palaces.
City Palace Udaipur : The must visit place
Tourist palaces in udaipur
Tourist palaces in udaipur
Good Architecture : The palace has numerous other palaces such as Dilkhush mahal, Sheesh mahal, Moti mahal and Krishna vilas etc. City Palace Udaipur City Palace Udaipur Tourist  in udaipur The main entry from the city is through the 'Bara Pol' (Great Gate), which leads to the first courtyard. Bara Pol leads to the Tripolia Pol'. The road between this gate and the palace is lined with shops and kiosks owned by craftsmen, book-binders, miniature painters, textile dealers and antique shops. Between these two gates, eight marble arches or Toranas are erected.
After visiting the city palace various places and museum, you can do boating and visit the Jag temple which is inside the main bundary of city palace. There is one 'Crystal gallery' which is elegant (however the tickets are quite coostly).

Tourist  in udaipur

Time for City Palace Udaipur : This is inside the Udaipur city, surrounded by market and therefore no travelling time.
You require
1.5 hours for visit City Palace Udaipur
1.5 hours for boating and Jug Mandir
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 palaces in udaipur