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Dear Mr. D,

After spending about a year as an affiliate for other companies, I have come up with my own product.

My product is similar to one that I was selling as an affiliate. I made real good money selling this product as an affiliate, but my product, which I think is superior to that one, is not selling hardly at all.

My price is the same and I am getting a lot of traffic, but as I said, very few sales. Can you please take a look at my website and see if I have a problem there? Something is wrong.


No Sales


Dear No Sales,

There is an old adage in sales, don't sell the steak - sell the sizzle.

Your site does a good job of describing your product. That is what's meant by selling the steak. But, it falls short on selling the benefits a buyer will gain by using your product. That is called selling the sizzle.

People are not interested in your product or service per se, they are only interested in what the product or service will do for them. How will they benefit from using your product or service.

You need to rewrite your sales copy to let your visitors know how they will benefit from buying and using your product. Paint them a verbal picture of how they will be better off once they have that product.

You said you had done well selling this type of product as an affiliate. I suggest you take a look at that website to see how they do it. I'm not suggesting you copy their site, but just get a few ideas.

I wish you the best.

Mr. D

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