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How to be a Good Kisser

Material Required for How to be a Good Kisser:

1. Few Lip-sticks of dirrerent colours

How to be a Good Kisser
How to be a Good Kisser Fun Games
Rules : 1. Player can kiss, any part of body.
2. The mark of the kiss should be visible.
3. If 2 kisses are touching each other, only one will be counted.
4. The Girl can support her partner by her body movements.
5. Player can use lip-sticks any number of time with in the alloted time of 1 minutes.
Description of How to be a Good Kisser :
How Kisser Fun Games 1. Provide one lip-stick to the male partner and start the game.
2. The player has to manages as many kisses as possible in 1 minute.
3. The kisses are counted by the signs of lipsticks left on the players.
The player with max no of kiss sign is'
How to be a Good Kisser ' winner.
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