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Word Search Puzzle Games

Material Required for Word Search Puzzle Games:
1. At least 5-6 sets of 15 alphabets (A,E,I,O,U,B,C,H,L,M,N,P,R,S,T), You may change the letters.

Word Search Puzzle Games
Word Search Puzzle Games New Fun Games
Rules :
1. No Spelling words is to be repeated
2. Singular and plurals to be counted as one (like plant & plants)
3. No player is allowed to carry a dictionary
4. Player can change any word during the game.
5. Only correct spelling words at the end of 1 minute will be counted
6. To decide the winner the no of correct spelling words made should be criteria. If the no of words are equal, then the no of total alphabets used should be deciding.
Word  Puzzle Games Description of Word Search Puzzle Games :
1. All letters to be kept in jumbled condition.
2. Decide one coordinator from the organizer who should have a paper and pen in his hand to write down the word as player writes.
3. Call one player for the game.
4. Player is required to make as much as possible correct spelling words from these alphabets (a word should be of min 3 alphabets)
5. Each player is given 1 minute to make the word.
6. Note down the word at the end.
7. Mix all alphabets for next player.
8. Player with max correct spelling words is Word Search Puzzle Games winner
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