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Pattern Formation Game for Kids

Material Required for Pattern Formation Game for Kids:
1. 200 match sticks    
2. Stop watch

Pattern Formation Game for Kids
Pattern Formation Game for Kids Fun Games
Rules : 1. No geometrical shape is to be repeated
2. Shapes should have some symmetry or shape as shown in the fig 1
3. Geometry Shapes which can not be defined or not made properly (as shown in Fig 2 ) should not be counted
4. The max no of geometrical shape made player is winner. If no of shape is equal the player who used more no of sticks is winner

Pattern  Game for Kids Description of Pattern Formation Game for Kids :
1. Mix all the match sticks.
2. Decide the sequence by lottery
3. Ask one player to make correct geometric shapes
4. At the end of the 1 minutes write down the no. of shapes and match sticks used.
5. Mix the match sticks and repeat with other players
6. Player with max no of geometric shapes is winner, if no of shapes are equal, then player with max no of sticks is Pattern Formation Game for Kids winner.
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