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Spoon Race Game

Material Required for Spoon Race Game:
1. Spoons
2. Few lemon of same size & shape.

Spoon Race  Game
kids Fun Game # 13
Spoon Race  Game New Fun Games
Rules :
1. Once the lemon falls, the player is out.
2. After the start of the game player is not allowed to touch the spoon or lemon.
3. If no player reaches the finish line, then the player who covered the max distance is winner.
Spoon  Game Description of Spoon Race Game :

1. Ask all player to hold the spoon in his mouth and then put a lemon on it.
2. On start players runs with the spoon in his mouth
3. To run without a lemon in the spoon means to break the rules.
4. The player who reaches the finish line first is 'Spoon Race Game 'winner

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