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Falling Sand Game

Material Required for Falling Sand Game:
1. Two bucket
2. One bucket full of dry sand
3. Weighing machine

Falling Sand Game
Kids Fun Games # 16
Falling Sand Game  New Fun Games site
Rules :
1. The sand fallen on the ground will not be measured.
2. After the game start, player cannot move from their place.

Falling  Game Description of Falling Sand Game :

1. Divide the players into 2-3 teams.
2. Ask team players to form a chain by standing next to one another.
3. Put one bucket filled with sand at one end and empty bucket at other end
4. At start player will take sand from the bucket and pass it to the next player of his team. The last player will put the sand in the 2nd bucket
5. At the end of 1 minute measure the sand collected in the 2nd bucket.
6 The team who passes max sand in 2nd bucket is'Falling Sand Game 'winner
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