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Four Corner Games for kids

Material Required for Four Corner Games for kids:
1. A Pack of Playing cards
2. Four play cards (one each of Four Corner Games for kids Fun GamesFour Corner Games for kids Fun GamesGamesFour Corner)

Four  kids Four Games for kids
 Corner  Fun Games
Rules : 1. Till the time the number of players are four or more, all the corners should have min 1 players.
2. When the no of players left is 4 or less, all the corners will be occupied by only 1 player.
Four Description of Four Corner Games for kids :
4 corner game played by children to find out the king / queen of the corner game.
1. Place the 4 display card
at 4 corner at a minimum distance of 2-4 meter 2. Ask the players to occupy all the four corners.
3. Take the playing card pack and pick one playing card randomly.
4. The corner matching that playing card is out of game
5. Ask players to get them redistributed in four corners
6. Repeat the step till you are left with 3 players.
7. Now the next player out is 3rd , then 2nd and the last player left out is 'Four Corner Games for kids Games winner'
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