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Shipwreck Island Game

Material Required for Shipwreck Island Game:
1. Chalked circles of various sizes.

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Shipwreck Island Game
Shipwreck Island Game  New Fun Game
Rules : 1. Players told that standing in island is safe.
2. Capacity of circles Small - 1 person
Medium - 2 people
Large - 3 people

Shipwreck Game Description of Shipwreck Island Game :
1. Start the game and players are to move out side the marked area and move around
2. When given the signal (Either when the music stops or the leader shouts "Sharks").
3. Players have to find a hoop to stand in. Those who didn't find a hoop to stand in are out.
4. Keep on reducing the circle

5. At the end the player left is
Shipwreck Island Game winner

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