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Color Ball Funny Game funny games

Color Ball Funny Game funny games Color Ball Funny Game funny  games

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Name: Color Ball Funny Game

a) Material Required:

1. Three shallow containers (plastic)
2. 50-60 small balls (marbal) of two color

b) Rules:

funny games for parties 1. Only spoon should be used for shifting of balls.
2. Middle container must have at least two balls (one of each color) at a time.

c) Description of Game:

1. Place all the balls in the first container.
2. Ask the players to take the spoon in his hand
3. Signal to start the game
4. Each player will first shift the ball from 1st container to the middle container and then from middle container to last container.
5. While shifting from middle to last container, it is to be ensured that middle container is eft with min two balls (one of each color).
6. After one minute the balls in the last container (i.e. in no 3) is the score.
7. Player with max score is Color Ball Funny Game winner.

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