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Take the Ball Funny Kids Games

Take the Ball Funny Kids Games Take the Ball Funny Kids Games

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Name: Funny Kids Games Take the Ball

a) Material Required:

1. One bottle of medium size with mouth diameter 1.5 times more than TT ball
2. One TT ball

b) Rules:

funny games 1. Players are not allowed to touch the bottle or the ball.
2. Every player will be given 5 chances.
3. You have to blow the air from mouth (you cannot suck it)

c) Description of Game:

funny games 1. Place the bottle horizontally.
2. Place the ball on the mouth of bottle
3. Ask the player to blow the air in the bottle in such a way that ball comes out.
Please note that if the air goes inside the bottle from top of the ball then this air will push the ball out side (as shown in figures)

The player with max score is Funny Kids Game Take the Ball winner

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