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Cool Baby Boy Names with M
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Cool Names of Boys with M

Cool Names of Boys with M

Sl Name Meaning
1 Madan Delightful
2 Madhu Honey
3 Madhuban Garden of flowers
4 Madhukant Moon
5 Madhukar Lover, honey bee
6 Madhuram Sweet
7 Magan Absorbed
8 Mahabali Strong, one with great strength
9 Mahapurush Great Human Being
10 Mahir Skilled
11 Mahmoud Praised
12 Makarand Honey, nectar
13 Malaya Forest
14 Malhar One of the ragas
15 Malik King
16 Manas Man
17 Manav Human Being
18 Mandeep Lamp of mind
19 Maneet One who wins heart
20 Mani Gem
21 Manibhushan An ornament of jewels
22 Manik Gem
23 Maniram Jewel of a person
24 Manit Highly respected
25 Manjeet Winner of mind
26 Mannan Thought
27 Manohar Attractive
28 Manoj Mental love
29 Manoranjan One who pleases the mind
30 Mansukh Pleasing
31 Manthan Detailed study
32 Manzoor To Accept
33 Mareechi Ray of light, also name of a constellation
34 Maulik Original
35 Mayank Moon
36 Mayur Peacock
37 Meet Friend
38 Meghnad Thunder
39 Mehtab Moon
40 Mehul Rain
41 Mihir Sun rays
42 Miland Bee
43 Milap Coming Together
44 Misal Example
45 Misbaah Lamp
46 Misri Mixed sweet
47 Mitesh A person with few desires
48 Mithun Couple
49 Modak Pleasing
50 Modal Enjoyment
51 Moh Love
52 Mohak Attractive
53 Mohit Charming
54 Mohul Attractive
55 Moksh Salvation
56 Moti Pearl
57 Mridul Soft; Calm
58 Mrigalochan One with eyes like that of a deer
59 Mrigesh Lion
60 Mrinal Lotus
61 Mudit Happy
62 Muhsin Beneficent; Charitable
63 Muktanand Happiness of freedom
64 Mukul Bud
65 Mukut Crown
66 Muneer Brilliant; Shining
67 Murali Flute
68 Musad Unfettered camel

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