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Basic HTML Code

1.3 - Basic Web Page (Basic HTML Code): (Page 3/5)    

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<link rel='stylesheet' href='style.css' type='text/css' />
This is declaration that this web page is having a separate Style Sheet by the name 'style.css'. You can change 'style.css' with any name e.g. name.css etc. If you are not having a separate 'style Sheet', then do not use this line.

<meta name='Description' content='JOJO an online game for kids of all age' />
This is short description of your web page. Replace 'JOJO an online game for kids of all age' with description of your site. This is seen on the second line of search engine result page.

<meta name='Keywords' content='JOJO, online game, game for kids ' />
This is the keyword of your page. This is the 'word / phrase', your visitor might use to find your web page through search engine. Replace 'JOJO, online game, game for kids 'with key words combinations of your site. All the key words are separated by a ','.

<meta name='author' content=' SEEMA' />
This is information about author. Replace ' SEEMA' with Author Name

<meta name='robots' content='index, follow' />
This line is used to allow the search engine to follow the linked pages etc. Use this line as it is.

<meta name='copyright' content='fungames-site ' />
This is for copy write declaration. Replace 'fungames-site' with your Copy write information
(End of page Head) Use this line as it is.

(Start of Page Body)

(Main contact of the page - Texts & Images will come here)

(End of page Body) Use this line as it is.

(End of HTML page) Use this line as it is.
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