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CSS Style Sheets

1.3 - Basic Web Page (Style Sheets): (page 5/5)    

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iii) In-Line Style: If there is only 1 or 2 command for 'style' then the same can be written in the body part of HTML file, on the place itself, where we are going to use the command in HTML.

If you want to define the color of a paragraph the command is

Command: <p style='color:blue;'>Text Text Text Text</p>

Output: Text Text Text Text

NOTE: The In-Line Style command always supersedes the command written in external 'Style sheet'. All commands for style are common for all three types of Style Sheet. You can even use all three types of Style Sheet or any combination of this in one Web Page.

CSSSheets ($$ If you have not understood any thing / command till now DO NOY WORRY. It is explained in each chapter in depth at later stages. The Style Sheet is defined in Part - III $$)

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