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Scrolling Text HTML

4.3- Other Text Decorations (Scrolling Text HTML): (Page 5/5)

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xii) Scrolling Text; The above command will display static text only. You can even write a text, which will keep on scrolling by using 'marquee' tag.

<marquee bgcolor='Scrolling Text HTMLffff00' loop='1' scrollamount='2' width='100%'>Example Scrolling Text</marquee>

Where loop='no of round the text should scroll';
If you want to scroll it infinite times then; loop='-1'
scrollamout='speed'; Approximate no of round in one minutes. If you increase the value of scrollamount, then the speed will increase.
Width='% of available browser width'; width used by scrolling text, before it loop starts'

** Exclusive Games for all age group **

xiii) Deleted and Inserted text: Some time (specially in case of amendments) it is required to show the deleted text and the inserted text in documents. The deleted text are to be written between 'del' tag and inserted text between 'ins' tag. The inserted text will be automatically underlines.

Command: The earlier price <del>Rs 10000</del> changed to <ins>Rs 12000</ins>.
Output: The earlier price Rs 10000 changed to Rs 12000.

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