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   Take a soldier models,for which you want to make paper models (a metallic one ; should not get damaged with water) . Draw a imaginary line to divide it into various soldiers parts or sub-sections (FIG-D).
Material Required for Paper Models: - Waste NEWS paper , Few drops of mustard / any other oil , Glue
Preparation :- Take few sheets of NEWS paper (should be sufficient to cover 5-6 layer on model. Tear all the sheets in square/rectangular shape of 4*4 or 4*5 cm size. Put some water in a mug and mix 10% of glue with it. Submerge all the waste paper cut pieces in the glue mixed water and leave it for 10-15 minutes.

Apply a thin layer of oil on the soldier model, which will work as separator.
Process :- Now start covering the soldiers parts with this waste paper pieces(FIG-A,FIG-B,FIG-C). Leave a thin margin on the separator line drawn in previous step (FIG_D). Make sure that paper soldiers part are slightly away. Now apply second layer of cut pieces of waste paper. Make sure that it over laps with two adjacent pieces(placed earlier as layer-1. As for as possible place the second layer paper grain perpendicular to the previous one (You might have noticed that all paper have got a grain structure. It's easy to tear it along the fiber and across the fiber. In other word if in one layer the written matter is horizontal then in second layer it should be vertical

Repeat the above step to complete at least 5 layers of papers on soldiers body part.
Now with your finger press on the portions which have got finer details. You should be able to notice the details on the cut pieces
Leave it for 4-5 hours in bright sun light to dry.
Now if the paper is totally dry, try to take it out along the separation line. Do it carefully so that you don't damage the finer details.

If You have done it with perfection you will get a portion as shown in the FIG-F. Otherwise you may get the portion slightly damaged as shown in FIG-E.
Don't worry. Even if the any paper soldiers part is slightly damaged, repair it with by pasting few papers. join all the segments in a logical manner to get the desired model.
Finishing :- Let the paper model dry completely. paint it with oil color. (FIG_G & FIG-H)
You will be surprised to note that this paper model is very light in weight but very strong.
Your Paper Soldier is ready. You can create very big models also with this technique.

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