1) Material & Tools Required (FIG- A) :- It's very simple to make 3d paper craft models and you need very few tools (total cost may be less than Rs 400/=)
i) Small & Medium size scissors (Hobby knife).    & straight knife
ii) Tweezers with smooth edges
iii) White glue
iv) Pen, Pencil, Scale, Compass etc.
v) One sheet each of 10-12 types / color

  3d Paper craft is very simple but it requires a lot of patience and time. You have to move step by step.

Basic tips 3d Paper Craft Models - 3d models :
a) Decide the symbols, which you will be using while making developmental drawings. I suggest

     Mountain folds      with a dashed line (---------)
     Valley folds with a dot line (.......)
     Cut line with solid line (______)
    cut outs (portions to be cut) with hash (//////)
    glue portion with star mark (*****).

b) Divide the model in main section. e.g. for making a Motor Cycle :- Front wheel, Rear wheel, Seat, Handle, Engine, etc.
c) Divide main sections into sub-sections. e.g. Front & Rear wheel :- Tyre, Rim, Spokes, Bolts etc.
d) Cut out individual pieces
e) Use glue in a very low quantity. Please note that joints with excess glue are often week.
f) For making different shapes like Cylinder, Curved piece, Angle, etc. there is a simple and universal style, e.g. for making a curved piece, you require a small cut in the piece and then slightly overlap and glue. (We have tried to cover almost all the basic shape in our next section of 'Step by Step making')

2) Make - 3d Paper Craft Models of Bicycle (Ref Fig "B") :-
3) Make - 3d Paper Craft Models from a solid model (Ref Fig "C" developed as "D") :-
4) Make - 3d Paper Craft Models of Flower Pot (Ref Fig "E"):-
5) Make - 3d Paper Craft Models of Duck (Ref Fig "F"):-

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