Dog Paper Craft 3d Model
 Paper Craft 3d Model

  • Paper Craft 3d Model

Paper Craft for Kids

craft models You final Origami Dog will look like, as shown in the figures. Display these beautiful Dogs and enjoy.

Since Nov 2018 -
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Now a days kids know 'how to develop software', but faces difficulty in knowing 'easy to make origami Dog'. Therefore this site is especially developed for Kids.

Steps for 'Easy to Make Origami Dog'
Take 4 square papers of size 6 * 6 cm (FIG - 1) and follow the step shown from FIG -2 to FIG - 7
Up to FIG - 5 all pieces will be folded in similer way. As shown in FIG 6, two sides of 2 pieces will be opened back to make body. Join all the pieces as shown in FIG-7 and add a tail to give it a Dog look.

Please note that when ever you are making any fold, ensure that fold is clear and firm by pressing your finger through the fold.

Reference Photos (helpful in making origami Dog)-
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