3D Models of Paper Craft

3D Models of Paper Craft

About 3D Models of Paper Craft

I am an engineering graduate from IIT Kharagpur. At present I am working as Executive in PSU. Different types of Craft and Paper Craft in particular was my hobby since my childwood. I have made hundreds of maodels (from clay/paper/wax etc) and either gifted to someone or thrown into corner.

Thanks to my relative and friends, who suggested me to consolidate and place it as a museum. Thanks to my spouse, for further refinement and properly orgaize different aspect to built a site and made it available for others.

Here I am only consolidating 'Paper Craft Models'. For other categories, you have to visit www.funandhobby.com

To create an exclusive 'Paper Craft Museum' and make papercraft a popular hobby in society. All the design displayed here are designed by me and assembly instructions are written in simple english with photographs. With the help of assembly instruction and templates provided, any one can make these classic papercraft models.