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Learning Games for Kids

Material Required for Learning Games for Kids:
1. 20-30 photographs of general purpose items like bat apple cat aeroplanes car scooter etc.
2. Alphabets blocks (or cut small piece of hard paper) of starting alphabet letters of the photos you have arranged
3. Stop watch

Learning Games for Kids
Learning Games for Kids New Fun Games
Rules :
1.None of the parents are to be allowed to talk to their kids after you have displayed the photographs of items to avoid biasing.

Learning Kids Description of Learning Games for Kids :
1. Keep all the photo and alphabet at one place.
2. Decide the player sequence by lottery
3. Ask one player to go to the game spot and place photos on the floor and then keep the starting alphabet on the photo.
4. After one minute count the no of alphabet he has placed correctly
5. Again mix all the photos and alphabet for next player
6. The child with max correct alphabets if Learning Games for Kids winner.

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